Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Christian is a season of joys and perfections. It is early in the season, but possibly some things have already begun to unravel. Complications can reshape many if not all of our plans and intentions, but there is a thread which will sew everything into place and hold it there. It is the personal presence of God in this world changing things.

Ultimate reality is personal. God created this world, and He has visited it. We do not live in an impersonal universe, surrounded by mechanical forces. We are not at the mercy of objects pretending to be definitive reality.

Jesus amply provided confirmation of this thread in His teachings and miracles. Others have taught, but never with authority such as He wielded. Others have done things which appeared miraculous, but never by their own power nor at their own discretion. God was really in our midst in the flesh in those years, and He is here now in His Spirit.

In Jesus, God came to us in a form we could understand. He showed that He is not a mere idea or influence, but a person who is interested in us. In a way this idea is dimly reflected in the stories of Santa Claus. His personal presence down the chimney is for the purpose of making a difference on Christmas morning. How much greater difference does Jesus make. He gives the gift of the Spirit and of eternal life and an access to the Creator of the cosmos.

The Christmas thread is not a last minute attempt of God to do something for man, but it is the final stitching up of our lives keeping them together and making them amount to something. Let this thread put together your life and your world.

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