Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1987 Christmas Poem

The taste of it was sweet
That first breath of air
Borne in upon His lungs
Sweet with the care and love
Of those who had awaited the arrival
So many months and days
The tone of it was pure
That song that lingered
In the air
Pure because it sang of Him
Innocent both now
And in the sacrifice to come
The sight of it was a delight
That smile from heaven
Given to the earth
Delighting those ready
To hear and come
And fall before Him
The fragrance of it was penetrating
That something which would not
Leave the one who had sensed it alone
Penetrating into the very heart
Seeking out all before it
Taking up residence
The feel of it was warmth
The breaking of
The cold bitter night
Warmth ending chill
Ushering a day
Without an end

- 11 October 1987

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