Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Recently for a message I wanted to demonstrate what it meant to carry the cross. We have one just a little taller than me that we’ve used in programs. It’s not as large as what Jesus would have been on, but I wanted to find out what it meant to carry it, so I brought it up from the church basement one day and carried it around the auditorium for a practice session. In that session I found out several things.

Once you get a hold of the cross you can no longer control what happens.

It’s unwieldy; you bang into things (which is why I didn’t carry it around the room when I actually preached the message).

It’s hard to get a grip on.

You can’t just carry it as a “regular” thing in your pockets or on your person. It’s infinitely more weighty than a small necklace.

It requires concentration to carry.

You can’t be doing a lot of other things when you’re carrying it; it requires all your attention.

The one thing you know, though, when you carry the cross, is exactly what you are doing. There’s no haziness about bearing a cross. It gives purpose, control, direction unlike any other element in your life.

We should carry our crosses in this manner, not as a sacrifice, but as those who are following in the steps of Jesus, experiencing what He experienced and ministering as He ministers.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have reached a milestone. I wrote song #1700. The words for song #1 were written in the spring of 1972, but the melody was not finalized until the next fall. (Took a long time to get one down in those days.)

Many times when I’ve been doing these sort of milestone efforts I’ve hoped for something that would be well above the average. This time it was.

I’ve been preaching on the heart, so it’s not surprising that the song would be about the presence of the Holy Spirit inside us. Everything went just sort of average until I got to the last line. Then I wrote down something that even surprised me, and I was the one who wrote it. At first I thought, “That can’t be right”, then I remembered scriptures like Galatians 2:20 and Romans 8:10 which say exactly what the song says. It’s called “His Address”.

It is His Spirit that lives in me
The foretaste of all things
The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ
Now inside my heart resides
This means that God is not
So far away as it seems
It means that Jesus knows where to find me
For His address is me
© 2010 Kevin Don Levellie