Monday, December 6, 2010

1979 Christmas Poem

It might have been cold
They must have been tired
He from walking
And inquiring for a bed
She from the weight
Of the birth soon to come
It might have been late
But they found no sleep
She, though exhausted,
Filled with the wonder at her breast
He, with pride,
At the coming of the one he'd call son
It might have been lonely
But soon the place filled
With shepherds come looking
To see the one born
And then with the glory
Of the knowledge that He'd come
It might have seemed peaceful
They must have known joy
For the voices and echoes
That rang through the night
Went to proclaim aloud forever
What had been whispered to them
It may seem all over
But He'll come again
Not as a baby
Or packaged in gold
But as the King
Who'll claim the world as His own

- 20 October 1979


  1. This is a wonderful verse! And I don't say this lightly. I participated in many poetry workshops when I was a graduate student in creative writing, and I love good poetry. This is GOOD. It's a subject that could slide into sentimentality. But it doesn't. I like it very much!!!

    I came over here from your wife's blog. She found me today through one of her blogger friends. I've been finding many wonderful new blogging friends the past two days!!
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  2. p.s. These children are beautiful. Are they your grandchildren? I have 7, and I think they're as gorgeous as these children are!!