Sunday, December 5, 2010

1978 Christmas Poem

Christmas is
For families
For those alone
For the old and forgotten

The very first
To know His coming
Were the happy pair
Who cradled his form
It was He who made
The couple a family
And completed the promise
For their home and the world

The next to hear
That a savior was born
Were the lonely shepherds
At their post
Away from family and
Far from friends
The angel-light shone
And God's pleasure was made known

But God had promised
To another two
That they would see
His Glory's illumination
For Simeon and Anna
Went not to their rest
Until they had seen
God's work of that night

So you see there's no one
Whose life that God
Will refuse to touch
By the coming of His Son

- 7 November 1978

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