Thursday, December 9, 2010

1982 Chrismas Poem

Why is it
That we long for this season?
Our hearts and spirits
Leap forward
At the thought
Of its approach
All plans made for it
Are full of excitement
Not a thing about it
Fails to fill us with wonder
Is it that it is
The season of hope fulfilled
The time of longing satisfied
The period of wandering ceased?
I think it is.
Hope lies dormant in our souls
Waiting for certainty
For knowing and seeing
Face to face
In Him we realize
The beginning of all joys
Yet to come
We long for things, but more
For friends and love
And He is the friend
Closer than a brother
The one whose voice
Gives words our ears would hear
We wander through the year
So far from home
And as we remember
His departure from His home
It draws us to our own
And the one we seek yet above

- 6 September 1982

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