Friday, December 10, 2010

1983 Christmas Poem

The flicker
Of a single flame
Kindled in the night
A sputtering lamp
'Twould soon be dark
No more need for light
All lay down
Asleep in bed
Quiet reigned at last
Even children's
Cries were stilled
Daytime pains were past
From the town
To countryside
Not a vapor stirred
Only bleatings
From some sheep
Barely could be heard
Then at once
A light sprang forth
Brighter than ten stars
Angels came
Sang his praise
Then back to heaven far
Tidings soon
Spread everywhere
With the crest of dawn
He had come
The Son of God
Left His shining home
Soaring high
Over men
He His throne would mount
Darkness, shadows
All were done
His light put them out

- 14 September 1983

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