Friday, April 17, 2009

A survey

As many of you know, my day job is in an office supply store. So, I decided to have my next giveaway be a treasure basket of office supplies. Here is what I need from you, so I can fill the basket with all things that delight a writer:

What tools do you most use? Post-it notes? Red pens or pencils? Yellow legal pads? Sharpies? Pens? Chocolate?

Please tell me what you’d like to receive if you won this super duper office supply basket. I will post the contest soon…and thanks!


  1. Pens and pencils, sharpies, tape...folders....

  2. How creative! :) Love the idea! :)
    FINE point Sharpies are the BEST! :) Definitely chocolate. And red pens for marking up the manuscripts! :)

  3. Thanks, you two!
    Blessed weekend, Jen