Friday, April 10, 2009

In The Middle Of A Meal

Last evening I took our youth group out to eat. There were only two who could come, but they were still our youth group. I deliberately chose to take them out to eat on that night because it was the night in our celebration of the Passion week when Jesus instituted the Lord's supper.
During the middle of the meal I stopped everything and brought out my communion kit and spoke of what Jesus had done. We so associate this time with a worship service that we think it began in a Sunday morning service, but it didn't. It all began in the middle of a meal.
I asked the kids if they were going to have another meal or more tomorrow. Then I shared with them the significance of Jesus in putting this reminder in a meal. We may not go to a religious service every day, but we all eat every day. We should remember Jesus whenever we eat, or by extension, whenever we do anything.
Remembering Jesus is not a dreary weekly duty, something we "have to" do. Instead it is a daily opportunity to go on a joy ride with Jesus and let Him liven up everything we do with His presence.

- Kevin


  1. What a smart, practical way to show this to the youth!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. It's appreciated. I do these sorts of things, but don't always think to post them as a short article like I did today.