Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Look At the Beatitudes Part 2

Matthew 5:4-5

4. Jesus pronounces a blessing on mourning. Why would he do so on such a negative thing, and what exactly is the mourning referred to?

I don’t think this can be limited to repentance over sin, although that is a species of mourning. The fact is that every Christian who has been justified and cleansed is still plagued with holes in his life. Every hole inside of us can be filled by God. That’s what the blessing is, but it won’t come to those who are trying to fix themselves. Comfort comes to us when significance is shown (of ourselves and what we are going through) and when we receive resources to move ahead despite the agony

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Jesus does!

Mourning is a deep-seated lack expressed in such a way that it’s not covered up or over. If you try to cover it up yourself, Jesus can’t reach down inside the hole to fix it. We have to be passive in this so He can fix it. If however, we’re in denial that there is nothing to mourn, we’ll never be able to receive His comfort. To mourn is to do so on a healthy open level, not to indulge in obstinate despair such as Jacob did when he swore to go to his grave in tears.

We go from being saved (i.e. inheriting the kingdom) to having our very real inner needs met.

5. In gentleness we come to the golden mean. Here we acquire the character of Jesus who would receive the children yet was able to drive out the moneychangers. There is skill here.

This is as positive character inside us. Again, there is a sequence. We can’t get this if we’re proud and controlling our own emotional fates. Thus we have to mourn and empty the whole bag out for Jesus to deal with it. Then he replace the holes with something better: His own character.

This is the opposite of the world’s way where the proud get it all. God is in control. He sets the rules. It’s not what we see now that counts, but what’s at the end of the game. God doesn’t change the rules to keep us from winning, either.

Inherit is dependent on the will (both in terms of personal volition and testament) of God. No one can coerce Him to give them this.


  1. I love how you state God is in control, he sets the rules. SO true!

  2. Wow!
    Great point about how we can't fix ourselves, only Jesus can, and He fills us with His character. That's my goal- to be filled with Him.

  3. I love that blessing on mourning. I think it shows how caring and compassionate God is, that he sees what we go through and offers hope for the journey.