Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Happy You Cry

My friend, Blair excitedly told me of witnessing seven people come forward at church yesterday and give their lives to Jesus.

“I was so happy, I cried!” she said.

Wow. She’s only twenty, and she’s already figured out that there is nothing more important than dying to self so you can have real life in Jesus.

With all the darkness in the media nowadays, I thought it would be fun to share some joy.
What makes you so happy you cry? So excited you dance? So joyous you laugh?



  1. That is pretty cool. Sometimes it's easy to forget what's really real and what's just temporal.
    Hmmm, a good book will get a shriek out of me. :-) My kids almost always make me feel happy inside. (lol, except when they're whining)

  2. I love the energy of a "witnesser"!!! I usually view the world through much sarcasm, so I rarely am moved to happy tears or excited dancing :) But on occasion an exceptional cup of coffee will send me in spasms of joy! ;) (that was NOT me being sarcastic, that was true honesty)

  3. Jessie: Yes, books and kids do the same for me! I wonder if God gets annoyed when I whine?

  4. Jaime: Me, too, on both counts!
    We even grind our own beans fresh every day. Wait, I mean Kevin grinds the beans; if I have to make coffee, I will use the already ground. Have you tried Pinon coffee from New Mexico? Out of this world!

  5. Pinon coffee? No I haven't !!!!! AAAHHH!!! MUST GO ONLINE AND SHOP FOR IT NOW! :)
    I'm a coffee freak, as you can tell. And, good for your hubby grinding those beans for you. that is the BEST stuff!