Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sermon Quotes from today

Who Do YOU Say That I AM?

“People will not change for principle--- because it’s the right thing to do--- but they will change for a person. The person in our lives is Jesus, who never changes.”

“The question Jesus asked the disciples in Matt. 16: “Who do you say that I am?” is the same question He asks every person and will ask one day at His throne. Are you ready with an answer?”

“When Peter says, ‘You are the Son of the Living God’ he is saying that Jesus is the essence of God, that He IS God.”

“Finals are coming up, not just this Spring, in our schools, but in all eternity. There is just one question on God’s final, and your eternal destiny depends on your answer.”

“When you rest your life here in Jesus, nothing you have in Him can be taken away in the next life. Death cannot prevail against it.”


  1. Lovely header picture!

    I've always wondered about that one-question final. Maybe it'll be something like, "Were you a good and faithful servant?" (and maybe also..."Who'd you bring with you?) :)

  2. Belief is so important, and soooo fulfilling! I like Angie's last question a great deal. "Who'd you bring with you?" Makes you rethink your priorities at once, doesn't it?.

  3. Angie and Eileeen:
    Thanks for your comments. I think the question Kevin was hinting at is: Who do you say I AM?
    But i like yours as well.
    Yes, it does make you rethink your priorities A LOT!