Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God Isn't


    v Worried
    The Good Shepherd is not afraid that if the economy fails, He won’t be able to supply your needs. His provision is based on His riches (Philippians 4:19), not what is happening in the world. There is no recession in Heaven. If you are His child and you’re a tither, He has obligated Himself to take care of you. And He won’t be mad if you are bold enough to remind Him of that fact.

    v Tired
    When you come to your Father and ask for the same favor for the three thousandth time, He doesn’t say, “Oh, you again? I’ve got more important people and things to deal with.” He longs to have pity on you and show you favor. He rises to have compassion on you (Isaiah 30:18). It compliments Him when you ask for His help.

    v Offended
    The Master of the universe doesn’t get His feelings hurt when ungodly people take His name in vain, refuse to believe in Him, or twist His Word around to suit their narrow perceptions of Him. It doesn’t distress Him if people try to explain creation by theories or attempt to prove He doesn’t exist. In fact, He laughs at them (Psalm 2:4). But, I do sometimes wonder if He cringes when His kids act worse than heathens, fighting among themselves. That may tick Him off…

    v Stupid
    The God of all Wisdom knows more than all of us put together. I know it’s laughable when you see it in print. You think, “Well, duh!” Then, why do we seek His guidance as a last resort? Why do we trust people’s word over His? He has all the direction we will ever need. When we ask, He promises to share (James 1:5). And don’t think He only speaks in church on Sunday morning between 9:30 and noon, and only through a preacher. Open your Bible some Tuesday afternoon or Saturday morning and see what’s happening in His heart.

    v Religious
    The Lord of creation loves to surprise us by doing things His way, rather than how we’ve figured it might go. He used a pimple-faced, sweaty teenager to kill a giant that an entire army was terrified of. What unconventional method might He use to fix your problem?



  1. I can't wait to observe the unconventional first hand,great post!

  2. T. Anne:
    Ohhhhh, me too! All our erroneous ideas about Him will be washed away in an instant!