Friday, November 28, 2008

May You See Wonders


A season of wonders. That’s what this month has been called. Have you seen any yet this year? Wonders, I mean. For that matter, how many have you seen in your entire life?
There are people who think they see a wonder when they look in the mirror, but don’t be discouraged. You don’t have to agree with them. A true wonder is something beyond what we have seen up to this time. It is something new, something strikingly, arrestingly new. It stops you and overwhelms you. It may be as small as a brilliant flower bud or as large as an entire sky display of lightening, but it gives a new focus, sometimes even a new reason for living.
May YOU see wonders! I’ve written those words on a lot of Christmas greetings this year. It is my blessing for you whether I know you or not. The wonders of God are not just something of the past and they are not the emotional feelings aroused by this season, but realities of God in this world, even in us. Jesus came in the flesh at Bethlehem (a Wonder with no doubt) and His Spirit has come into the spirit of every Christian (one of the present day Wonders). He enables us to do what we cannot do.
People who lacked love have learned to give it. Those who had no patience with others now bear with those who still irritate them. Souls stunted through selfishness have learned to think of others and sometimes even to think of them first. Folks without self-control have learned to say no to substances and acts which would steal their life. Those caught in traps of the past are free for the future.
God sees and knows every one of these wonders. He made them, and He is looking to make more. May you not just see wonders; may you BE one.

- Kevin

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