Friday, November 28, 2008

Divine Appointments

God uses strange things at times to dispense His grace. This morning it was a battery that was questionable. Turns out that the battery was fine, but because I felt it needed testing where we bought it (and it was still under complete warranty) we went to a different place than what we had planned to go this morning. At the last minute in another place near there we were deciding whether to stay on or to go elsewhere for coffee. We stayed and in stepping five steps to the left rather than going to the right and exiting the building we ran into a friend who really encouraged us. Now, that wasn't "lucky" or a freak accident. It was a case of having our footsteps guided.
Many times I've gotten off the track I've set for my day, and I couldn't understand why. Then something like that happens and the moment it does I know the full reason for what happened before. It takes time to learn to be open to the will of God, but He always rewards a faithful heart. God's Spirit always knows the best paths to travel.
- Kevin

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