Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

Whatever happened to rhetoric? I don't think I heard any in this election or in the last several elections. Out of the news media all I have heard in the analysis of the election results is how the candidates strategized to get the vote out in selected areas so as to capture "key" states and locales or how they failed by presenting themselves in an uncomplimentary light. Some voters were manipulated to vote for a name on the ballot (and they had a right to vote for any name on it), but I wonder if they were ever persuaded of what they were voting for. Too often peole vote for personalities rather than principles. Instead of grappling with truth everyone spent their time marketing fear or personal charm. A candidate who will tell me the principles of his thnking doesn't need to tell me what he will do about any issue. I will trust his principles, if they are right, to get the issues right. What we need is both candidates and an electorate which will stand for principles rather than being rattled by issues. I probably should have written somethiing like this earlier, but I've only come to see these things in the last few hours. In the days to come we will find out exactly what we have fallen for.

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