Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Still my Soul

I was excited as I spoke to my friend, Loretta. I enthused about the tremendous writers’ conference I had attended, the selling of a humor article to an editor there, and my commitment to write one hour a day. My words splashed out, filling the front seat of her car as we travelled to lunch.
“I am thrilled for you,” Loretta said, “But I feel strongly that you’re to do something more than writing each day.” A holy quiet embraced me. My heart picked up its beat. Because she chose each word with tremendous care, I sensed the Holy Spirit was about to speak through her. God usually tiptoes in when He has something significant to say. He rarely hollers and waves His arms. I shut up and listened.
“In order to write well, Jeanette, you need to spend time simply sitting still. Part of your ministry of communicating God’s love to people will be in those moments you are listening. You can’t hear from God unless you are quiet.”
I knew the Lord was not chiding me for talking too much. He was simply telling me to listen more. I already know everything I know. If I want to take His message of hope to sagging hearts, I must be still with Him long enough to fill my own sagging heart.
I know it was God who spoke through Loretta last Saturday morning. Yet, practicing what He preached will not be easy. I was born talking, working, and trying to motivate others. How can I change from a ‘human doing’ to a ‘human being’?
The same way I was born again. By His potent, loving grace. ---Jen


  1. I saw a cartoon recently that made me laugh. It probably means not to say things you should not or something of that nature but when I read your blog right now I thought of it. It said "Lord keep you arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth" Maybe it could apply. Ha Ha Love you bunches

  2. Yes, i've seen that one, too! Isn't it cute? I think we should send it to every politician!!! Ha!