Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Song lyrics for 2010

This year for our Sunday evening services I’m going to attempt to premier a new song I’ve written each week. This is a way of getting me to write new material (I’ve gotten kind of lazy about it).

Jeanette said that I should post the lyrics for the song I did this past Sunday night (3 January 2010). So here they are. The idea behind the first verse is that when we have tests Jesus is willing to take them on for us instead of leaving us to flounder around on our own.


Jesus is faithful to pass your test
He will not leave you
‘Till you have rest
Then He will make you
Strong for what’s next
Faithful, holy, bold and blessed

Jesus is holy to bear your sin
He will erase what
Kept you from Him
Then He will clothe you
With His own best
Faithful, holy, bold and blessed

Jesus is bold to speak out for you
He tells the devil
That he is through
Then He will see to
All your requests
Faithful, holy, bold and blessed

© 2010 Kevin Don Levellie

If you’d like to hear some of these in person, come visit us on Sunday evenings at Nevins Christian Church, 17475 E 390th Road, Paris Il 61944. 217-463-8770

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