Friday, January 8, 2010

Building The Christian Life: SELF-CONTROL

This word comes from two Greek words. The first is “Power”, and the second is “out of”. We are the ones this is out of, so we could say that self-control is power out of us.

The anchor man of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:23 is self-control. Here it is in the middle of it all. This can only come after knowledge. We have to know the truth. This is not mere intuition or caprice.

Self-control was one of the things Paul discussed with Felix in Acts 24:25. The Greek philosophers taught and promoted this. It was even mourned that, for all his power and accomplishments, Alexander didn’t have it. We do not do this on our own, but Jesus produces it in us.
Just think about the consequences of no self-control? They include sin, health problems, financial problems, inter-personal turmoils.

Then think about the benefits of self-control. It gives the ability to do something. It can provide money and time. It helps you do everything else you want to do. This is true, not only of physical accomplishments, but of living the life of Jesus Christ.

Self-control is absolutely necessary to what is next on the list: perseverance.

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