Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 Favorite Non-Quaret Southern Gospel cd of the year

“Jubilee!” This is actually an album of three groups: The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Legacy Five. While Legacy Five is a quartet, the trios dominate and the album is not just a quartet album.

There have been other albums like this in the past where they kind of mix up the personnel to do different songs. That’s not what made it the favorite for the year, but the fact that it is really Southern to the core in the material it uses and it the way it presents it.

This is the kind of thing I always look for, but don’t see very often now. Guess I’m ready for the nostalgia circuit. I don’t think there was anything on here I hadn’t heard before. There’s something to be said for giving us what we know only giving it differently and better than it’s been given before.

Other winners for the past five years:

2008: The Hoppers “The Ride”
2007: Lesters “We Will Stand”
2006: Greater Vision “My Favorite Place”
2005: Karen Peck and New River “Good To Be Free”
2004: Greater Vision “Faces”

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