Sunday, December 20, 2009


PART 20, December 20

Without even pausing to pack up a tooth brush Hickory Hog went into action.
He put on a coat, for he knew it would get cold, and then dashed off in the direction of the woods.

Immediately his friends went into action, also. Knowing Hickory to be a rather indolent hog they knew something was up and then wanted to get in on it. The long days of enforced inactivity had made even the frightened little bird eager to face whatever was ahead. So, they ran, slithered and flew on after Hickory Hog.

It didn't take them long to catch up with him. He spun around as they accosted him. "What are you doing?" he snorted.

"We were going to ask you that," panted the little old man.

"I'm off to catch the Christmas Rascal."

"We want to come," chirped the little bird.

"Well... I don't know."

"You might need us," added Whizzer Worm.

"Yes, Yes!" all the rest agreed.

"Well, I don't know," said Hickory again. "This is awfully important. We can't just barge in. It all has to be done the right way. But you know, with the four of us we just might be able to do it. Will you follow my plan?"

They all said they would.

"All right. Here it is. The Christmas Rascal has decided to keep it from snowing. That's obviously a bigger project than just stealing potatoes or chrome. It's going to take him some time and some quiet. He's gotten the quiet in the past few days by not bothering anybody. The question is, where did he get it?

"That had me puzzled for a long time. Then it dawned on me. What's the only place we wouldn't look for him anymore?"

"Where?" they all asked.

"Where he's already been. His lair."

© 1989 Kevin Don Levellie

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