Thursday, December 10, 2009


PART 10, December 10

"Now, how could the Christmas Rascal keep it from snowing?" The question was on everybody's lips.

"Does it say?" asked the little bird.

"Apparently he hasn't disclosed his plan," said Hickory Hog. "I can't seem to find any more information about it in here."

"That would be just terrible," said the little old man, "Just think of all the little children wanting a white Christmas. We've never been known to be without one here in Potatotown. Why, I think even the potatoes look forward to it."

"Oh, I don't know that it's such a great loss," interjected Whizzer Worm. "Lots of people have never had a white Christmas, In fact, a lot of worms I know would actually prefer it if there wasn't one. You think it's bad being cooped up in the house in a blizzard. Well, imagine what it's like for all us worms. Once that blanket of snow sets in most of us are trapped for the duration."

"Well," intoned the little old man, "I still wonder how he thinks he can get away with no snow"

"I don't know," added Hickory. "Maybe we should all go back to my shack and plan our strategy as to what to do next."

Everyone thought that was a good idea, Whizzer Worm already had a berth picked out from the night before, and it wouldn't bee too hard to find a place for the little bird. Hickory Hog would just take some straw and line one of his Hog-sized teacups for the bird to sleep in, and that would be all right. The little old man took some more planning. Finally they thought to get out a sleeping bag and just let him sleep on the hearthrug before the fire.

It was another cold night outside. They popped some popcorn which Hickory had fetched in from the barn and had some cocoa to go with it. Despite the problem which had brought them together they all seemed to have a pretty good time.

The fire slowly died down, as no one added any more logs to it. Eventually sleep overtook everyone except Hickory Hog. He was just about to drowse off when he looked out the window. The stars shone brightly in the crisp December sky. Then, all of a sudden, there was a shadow across the face of the window.

© 1989 Kevin Don Levellie

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