Monday, December 14, 2009


PART 14, December 14

Where, indeed, was the baby Jesus?

"Why, I put him right there in the manger," said Hickory Hog, "and he's gone now. But how could it have happened? My trap was foolproof."

"That's right," agreed the little old man, "Only a fool would have been caught in it."

"What do you mean?" spluttered Hickory.

"Now, now," said Whizzer Worm, entering in to part the fray. "This won't solve anything. Somehow he got in and stole the baby Jesus.”

"But how can you have Christmas without the Baby Jesus?" asked the frightened little bird.

"You can't," said Hickory sadly. "You can't have Christmas at all. Oh, I know a lot of people are only concerned about Santa Claus or snowmen or reindeer, but if you don't have the baby Jesus, you don't have Christmas at all."

"Can I quote you on that!" asked the reporter.

"You certainly can,” answered Hickory. "You see, that's what people like the Christmas Rascal do the most damage on. They get our eyes off the one whose birthday it is, and then we become really confused. It's no wonder it's so easy for us to have our joy stolen if it's only in things, I know I’m no better than anybody else, but after all I'm only a hog."

"But even a hog can change," said Whizzer Worm.

"That's right," said Hickory. I CAN change myself, but I also need to do something about that Christmas Rascal. I guess I need to do more than catch him. I need to change him. After all, a Christmas Rascal, no matter how bad he is, can change, too. We just have to get a hold of him and persuade him."

"And how are yow going to do that?" questioned the reporter.

"I'm going to have to find him and talk to him."

"And if that doesn't work?"

"I may just have to sit on him."

© 1989 Kevin Don Levellie

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