Thursday, October 8, 2009

Illinois Autumn

2000 was our first full year in the state of Illinois. That year I wrote a series of poems under the general title of "Illinois Autumn". Neither the cycle nor any of the indiviual poems have ever been published anywhere. I will post the first one today and some of the others later on as the season progresses.


It came
Almost the Hour
The Sun
Turned It's head south
The storm was
A cry
That summer
Had fled the land
She attempted a return
After the rains
But weakened
Was unable to stand
And seeing this
The northern breath
Thought to take possession
Of all her work
But harvesters
Forestalled His strength
And left but a straw
To blow where he willed
The pledge of Spring
Was called to count
And Autumn
Took its seat

-3 October 2000

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  1. This is beautiful, Hon. I forgot you wrote these, or I didn't know you wrote them!