Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sermon Quotes from Kevin's message today

"God makes us righteous not through what we've done, but through what Jesus has done for us."

"The Holy Spirit is not loaned to us--- He's given. That is the testimony that God trusts us." (Wow!)

"Justification is only needed when something is crooked. We cannot justify-- make right and straight-- ourselves."

"The fun part of the Christian life is that God allows us to be involved in weaving the threads of our lives together."

"We don't get character by sitting in an armchair and doing nothing." (rats!)

"If you are relying on your own resources to get you through a test, you're no better off than you were before you were born again."

My personal fav: "One of the marks of being a king or queen is that you are able to give gifts to others. The reason we can do this is that God has more than enough to give to us, and extra, allowing us to share."



  1. Excellent!

    Wow what a sermon! Your congregation is blessed!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Rabe. Yes, we are blessed to have Kevin lead us.