Friday, October 31, 2008


Autumn is a lovely season, dancing with color and light. I remember the first time I truly experienced Autumn. We travelled 20 hours from L.A. to Portland, Oregon to visit my in-laws. Since I'd lived in California most of my life, I'd never seen leaves change color. I was mesmerized by the daring display of glory. I saved the brightest, most stunning orange and scarlet leaves I could find. I longed to capture their embrace and keep it with me, to encourage myself on grey, colorless days. When I returned home and opened my suitcase, I was disappointed to find my treasures brittle and dry. I kept them for a few weeks anyway, and wondered when I held them if there are colors in Heaven we have never seen here.
I'm grateful to live in a region where I can see the seasons change. That was a lie. I am not grateful to see the golden glow of Autumn change to the boring, scary white of winter. I believe 'hate' is too strong a word to use often, but I can say I tremendously dislike winter. So, I will love and cherish Autumn as long as I can. --- Jeanette