Monday, March 16, 2009

My Monkey Suit

A domestic goddess I am not. My dust bunnies long ago turned into kangaroos, with little dust joeys sproinging out of their pockets every few days to stir up some fun. The cobs on my ceiling have their own web sites. Cleaning for me is not a last resort; it isn’t even on my list of resorts!

I force myself to clean by inviting guests over. The only problem with this brilliant plan is that I race around the day of the dinner party, dusting, scrubbing, and cooking like a circus monkey in the center ring. My house sparkles and welcomes. The inside of the fridge is so clean you could eat from it!

After the guests leave, however, I am as exhausted as the muscles on both faces of a politician. “Why do I kill myself like this?” I moan, “what possessed me to invite all these people over? Well, at least the house is pretty. Let’s keep it this way forever!”

I know I am only fooling myself when I say this. It’s as realistic as saying, “I will never talk too much again.”

Jesus said we must deny ourselves to be His followers. For my personality, that means more than reading His Word, praying, and praising. My cross has the initials D.D. on it, for “Daily Discipline.” I follow Jesus by washing dishes as well as feet. When I cook a meal or mop a floor, I am denying myself the luxury of laziness. I am taking up my cross and following Jesus.

Don’t misunderstand me; I have not perfected the art of self-denial. Please don’t come to me for “D.D. lessons” any time soon. In fact, I really must scoot now--- I have to get my monkey suit cleaned. Company is coming tonight!


  1. LOL My sister and I were just talking about how having guests forces us to clean our houses. I don't hate cleaning, but my house is not always neat. I def. love the "got something done" feeling.
    I try to tell myself that when I force myself to cook a dinner for my husband, I'm serving Jesus and killing self, but I'm not sure my soul gets it. LOL

  2. Jessie: you are so funny!

    I guess you have three important little reasons for not keeping a spotless house!!!

    I put dust rags and brooms in each little hand when they turned 5, and they did their own laundry at 8 and 11. I did pay them; it was worth every quarter, too! LOL!

  3. I'm in that clean-the-house-to-make-a-sale mode! Totally get the exhausted feeling. :-)

    Hey, I came over from Jaime's blog and made a long comment after yours. If you want, hop back on over and tell me what you think.