Saturday, March 14, 2009

Book Review: Of Two Minds About This Book!

For the Tough Times
By Max Lucado

Max Lucado has always been one of my favorite authors. In fact, I once asked the Lord to make me into the female Max Lucado of Christian writing. His reply? “Why don’t you just be the female Jeanette Levellie of Christian writing?” Oh, well. I tried.

In this 80 page book, Lucado addresses common questions such as, “Where is God when all that is good falls apart?” and “Is God really in control? If so, what is He thinking?”

Overall, this book was an encouragement to not blame God when things go wrong, to find His grace in the storm, and to find peace by forgiving those who have wronged us. The poignant word pictures Lucado paints are stirring and heartening.

I was, however, appalled by his chapter on how God “uses satan” to fulfill His purposes. In my Bible, satan is the accuser of the brethren and the father of lies. Although God is master at turning around satan’s schemes to destroy us, and bringing good ends from bad beginnings, they are in no way on the same team. Not even in the same league.

If you can overlook this chapter and not allow it to hurt your faith in a loving, good Father, you will find hope and comfort in the remainder of the book.

--- Jen


  1. Huh. Interesting about that chapter. I guess that's where differences in beliefs come in. I love him too. First discovered his books in my church library and I read every one that I could get my hands on.

  2. Good pick.

    I think I tend to agree with you concerning Satan's role. The idea that the evil Satan does is really done by God using him as a tool? It's absurd.