Monday, February 16, 2009

Repentance is not a Four Letter Word

I have an acquaintance who is a believer, but is living in sin. I hurt for her, because she thinks she is okay, and can go on fellowshipping with God unhindered. Satan has deceived her.

Have you ever lived in willful sin? I have, and I wanted to die. I knew I was living a lie. I sang praises and prayed for others, I even read my Bible every day, but my heart was stained with guilt. I begged God to intervene, so I could be free. Finally, He (lovingly) slapped my face when a true friend told me I was sinning and I needed to STOP. What a relief to weep and repent at the Father’s knees. Although my tears were full of grief for the pain I had caused my Father, myself and others, I rejoiced in His freedom and the cleansing of Jesus' blood.

For days afterward I felt like I was soaring on a star. That was years ago, yet I still thank my Father for His grace and mercy and kindness. I pray my friend will find the same favor. If only she will realize she needs it, and seek the only One who can help...



  1. Jeanette, Have been neglecting our friendship I know, but seems only so many hours. I am preparing for the Florida Conference next week and truly anticipating the days I spend with other writer friends, but certainly am not ready. Keep writing ... I feel God is really leading you down some good roads,.

  2. Jeanette, Feel I have neglected our friendship lately, but only so many hours and I just seem to be using all of them. Preparing for the Florida Conference next week. Do hope that you will get to attend that next year. Keep Writing...I think God is using you!!!