Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Blessing of Busy

This last week the office supply/furniture store where I work during the day has been busier than a circus run by monkeys with polka dot pants. I know it's a blessing, and I'm very thankful, but...

Several people have needed help with choosing furniture, for which I feel very incompetent. Plus, all the time taken to help find fabric colors and wood grain choices and quote prices has eaten into time I normally spend doing my regular duties. PLUS, I am training a new employee!!! Yikes!!! Stop the circus and let me go home to eat chocolate and escape reality in a good novel!

For a couple of days my head was spinning and dancing, and I nearly panicked every time the phone rang or a customer walked through the door with yet another request that required me to use my already tied-in-knots brain.

Then this little thought occurred to me: What is the worst thing that could happen? I even wrote it down: we could lose an account (our biggest customer), or someone may be mad at me if I messed up and ordered the wrong item. Well, I thought, it would not be pleasant, but I could live with it. We could pick up another fifteen accounts to make up for the one lost. And, people have been mad at me before and I've survived, so...

This little exercise, along with oodles of prayer and reading/confessing Scriptures about grace and God's love, brought me out of my panicky state of mind. I am still horribly behind at work, I may never catch up, but at least I'm resting mentally and not wigging out as if I was not a dearly loved child of my Heavenly Father.

God is so wonderful!



  1. I'm coming by tomorrow to read this post, 'cause I'm tired and fixing to head to bed! But I wasn't sure if you got my e-mail or not, but yes, you have to comment on Keli's blog to be entered for the contest. Tonight is the last chance to comment because she's choosing the winner tomorrow. :-) Did you see those pretty cards?

  2. Awww, I hope things have slowed down so you can catch up.
    Sometimes I feel the same way with housework. It's my job you know, so when I'm behind I start to feel really overwhelmed. Then, like you, I think, what's the big deal? So the laundry basket is full. No biggie.

  3. I was fiddling with my blog and just saw your comment on the my article about organizing with portable solutions. Thanks for commenting and sharing the idea about the 3x5 cards. God bless!

  4. Jen,
    I love the humor in your writing. I can see why editors picked up your work. And I LOVE chocolate. At the Florida Chrisian Writers Conference, look us up 'cause we're bringing lots of chocolate!


  5. Dear Karen:
    Thanks for your cheerleading! Alas, I will not be at the FCWC next week. I will be at work crying in my Fresca! I dearly long to go and meet you and your lovely chocolate, but maybe next year...
    Have fun! Jen

  6. You asked about finding encouragement and "mothering." Clella just mothers us naturally (of course, you know her vitality and the sweetness of her heart). Have you thought of calling nearby churches to see if there are any "hidden" writers (or writer wanna-bes) who might want to join you in getting together? Wish you were coming to the Florida conference so we could meet you.