Monday, November 29, 2010

1972 Christmas Poem

There was no rosy sunshine
At his birth
Only the old hoot owl
Would have serenaded his first crying hours
There was so much
That wasn't there
So many luxuries
Things we would have wanted and needed
But he had the night
And all of its tears
That would eventually give birth
To morning's light
He had the touch
Of a mother's hands
And her strong arms
To hold him close and warm
He had the praise of men
The approval of new life
And once more they thought
To erase despair with hope
He had that gift
To give life where there was death
And out of death
To bring forth life
He took the sadness and erased it
Loneliness and made it full
Sickness and made it well
Grief and caused it to be glory
And at his side
All men became brothers
And peace could indeed
Begin to reign in their hearts

- 9 December 1972/31 August 2010
(This poem was changed in one line because of a theological point I wasn't aware of at the time I wrote it which needed correcting, thus the two dates.)

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