Saturday, November 27, 2010

1970 Christmas Poem

Yesterday I posted my 41st Christmas poem. I have done a completely new one each year. This year, so you can see the progression of the poetry and messages, I will be posting one a day beginning with the first one from 1970. The date at the bottom is the date of composition. The earlier ones were written right during the Christmas season, but as I got to sending more and more of these I had to begin earlier in the year.

To all my friends at Christmas
Whether close or far away
I send my warmest greetings
To help brighten up your day
The world is one
In need of joy
For sadness holds it
And seeks to destroy
This is the season
For laughter and cheer
The time for happiness
And for love unbounded
Let us make it mean something
Throughout the year
So as to affect our lives
And make our paths clear
For if Christmas means nothing
But food and some gifts
Then we're all sadly mistaken
And not really rich
For the gifts we should give
Should last all our lives
We should give one another
Our peace and our smiles
Our love and our blessings
Thoughtfully and truly
As God did
In short - we should give ourselves

- 13 December 1970

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  1. How true! Thanks for sharing an older poem! I enjoyed receiving them every year.