Friday, November 20, 2009

KUDOS to Indiana State University, Terre Haute

Steve Reich seems happy to be with me.

I went to the last night of the Contemporary Music Festival. I cannot say how much I appreciated this. The college and all the sponsors have my sincerest thanks for putting on something of such wonderful grace and joy. Contemporary music is not only incisive and edgy, but it is uplifting as well.

I had read of Mr. Steve Reich's music, but never heard any of it until this festival. I know what I'll be buying in the future. The other three pieces on the program were also a blessing. I'm ordering Mr. Allen's work "In Heavenly Love" online today. Mr. McLoskey's Requiem v2.001x was wonderful. All four of the pieces ended before I was ready for them to end. If that doesn't mean it's good music I don't know what does.

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