Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hickory Hog And The Christmas Rascal

I'd like to give you a little up front notice about a feature which will begin next month. It is a serial story to be published for Christmas.

When our daughter, Esther, was only two or three she asked me one night to tell her a story about Hickory Hog. I don't know where she came up with that name, but I started telling her stories about him and many of his friends. Then in 1983 I put them all into a 25 part Christmas story. Instead of using a calendar which you flipped open a little window on we read one part each day. Esther used to call it a hanging story since every day it left you hanging. That, of course, was by design. I had grown up listening to the Cinnamon Bear on the radio as a part of our Christmas celebration, so I knew all about carrying over from one day to the next until you arrive at the grand conclusion of the story.

Since then there have been many more Christmas adventures of Hickory Hog with an ever increasing circle of friends. I've recorded some of these on CD and our grandchildren have listened to them over and over, even out of season. Starting on 1 December I am planning on posting all twenty-five parts of that original story for your family to read and enjoy.

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