Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quotes from Today's Sermon

I had a rough time concentrating on Kevin’s sermon today; thinking about my dad in the hospital, wondering if this is his final week on earth. But, I did manage to get down some great truths:

“Jesus doesn’t just call us to sacrifice, but to action.”

“If satan (I purposely do not capitalized his name!) can get us to look at things through the world’s eyes and not God’s eyes, he can curtail the power of God in our lives.”

“The cross is the stepping stone into the kingdom.”

“Nothing is beyond Jesus. There is nothing in our lives He won’t fix. There is no sin in others, or better yet, our own lives, that He did not die for.”

“Too many Christians don’t want to follow Jesus to the cross, they want to follow Him in a limousine.”


  1. T. Anne:
    Thanks! Since i've been taking notes to put quotes on the blog, it keeps me much more focused on Kevin's sermons! HA! Jen