Sunday, May 10, 2009

Passing the Baton (or, Why I Don't Shop with Toddlers)

For me, managing two blogs is like taking a toddler shopping without a stroller. You can keep ahold of the toddler, or you can shop. You can’t do both. One is sure to suffer, and the one is probably you!

With that in mind, Kevin and I have agreed that this blog will now be his toddler. Actually, I asked him to pleeeeeeese take it over, because I need to devote myself more to my new baby, Audience of One, which is my heart for writers and the literary world.

Being an agreeable and kind person, but not particularly verbose (except in the pulpit) Kev said, “Okay.”

Therefore, when you pop over here, as I hope you will continue to do, you will find Kevin’s musings and messages. Perhaps he’ll ask me to be a guest blogger occasionally! After Audience of One grows up a little, and affords me some spare time.

Thanks for supporting us both! We love and appreciate you all! Gotta run and change a diaper…
--- Jen


  1. I completely agree, and I know! LOL
    That's why I only have one. That's all I can handle.

  2. You should know even better than me; you've had more kids! HA!