Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smile Grabbers

Some things never fail to elicit a smile from me:
  • A dog wearing a sweater.
  • My two male cats wrestling-- one is barely 3 pounds and thinks he's hot stuff; the other is a sumo dude weighing in at 21 pounds!
  • Male cardinals with snowy wallpaper
  • Dark chocolate anything
  • Babies
  • People who want the moon, for Wal-Mart prices (can you tell I work retail?)
  • Reading about Jesus' ways of doing things and relating to people

What are some things that cause your face to relax and break into a smile?


  1. Uncontrollable laughter by anyone! I'm always compelled to join in.

  2. The way dogs play in the beach water.
    Babies belly laughs.

    Jennette and Kevin thank you for responding to our book give away. We will be having another one next month with Mary Demuth's new book,The Daisey Chain, so check back.

    God Bless,