Friday, December 16, 2011


Jesus is the best gift, but what if a church could choose a gift for herself…

A while ago I got a telephone call from a lady who wanted to tell me about a “church resource” her company could provide. There was no clue as to what the resource was in the company name, and it wasn’t identified up front. I had to ask. It was a pictorial directory. That is a good resource, but not one we needed right now.

Later on I got to thinking about an even better resource they could have offered. It would be like the Sea Monkeys” they used to advertise in the comics when we were kids. You’d just add water, only instead of little critters floating in the water, out would pop brand new church members overfilling your pews. You could market it as a new member packet.

Just think of what you’d get after you added your water:

*Enough church leaders to replace those who have been lost through death or relocation.
*A well balanced music team that knew the right mix of hymns and choruses to use to make everyone comfortable.
*Sunday School teachers who would never say, “No!” when asked to teach.
*Personal workers to evangelize the lost in the community. (Of course, maybe with this new method they’d be obsolete, especially if you got the two packet deal.)
*Great givers.
*A full time Children’s Church Staff, a full time Youth Ministry, a full time Discipleship Ministry, etc.
*A full youth group, children’s group, college age group, etc.
*Lawn care and maintenance experts.
*A Women’s group led by ladies better than Lois and Eunice.
*Crowds who eagerly attended every service and study with their Bibles in their hands.

And, of course, then there would be you. But then, that would be the best gift you could give Jesus, anyway.

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