Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bible Dash Day 5

DAY 5 Nehemiah 11 – Proverbs 10

In Job they’re all trying to rationalize. We will never arrive at truth if we start with ourselves. That was the basic error of Descartes. He could only assert his existence, not explain the cause of it or the rest of the world. We have to start with something objective, and the only changeless objet ive is God. That is why the element of revelation is important. It writes more surely on the tablet of our heart than experience does.

Elihu did not take God’s place. Even though he’s not rebuked, he still wasn’t “it”. in fact in 37:23 Elihu says we can’t find God. Two verses later God speaks. This contradicts verse 24, too, for God regards Job (wise in heart or not) since He speaks only to Job at first. Interestingly God doesn’t speak to Elihu or even about him at all.

The ultimate answer of the book of Job is that God is in charge. This does not teach fatalism or quietism, but simply sets the record straight.

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