Thursday, September 3, 2009

ADULT CHILDREN (and others)

After our journaling session last Saturday I was talking with some of the fellows about dealing with adult children. It came to me in the discussion that if we only control them and do our best to direct their growth the most they can ever be is what we are. We don’t want that. We want them to be what Jesus is. That was a powerful revelation. I think it can be freeing in more areas than that one. It can also apply to parents, in-laws and, of all things, church members who don't see things like we do. We need to lead and guide when we should, but not beyond what we should.


  1. I love this revelation.
    The Lord told me once that I should not try to emulate another human because that would be settling for second best.

  2. Great post. Are those your grandchildren? Soooo cute!!!

    I completely agree with this. I don't believe in trying to control anyone, but I've never thought of it like you put it. I had a different take, but this one is really good too!

  3. What a thought!! Thanks for sharing and will keep the non controlling issue out there. It's hard, especially when our almost 30 year old daughter still lives with us. She needs to be treated as an adult and she would be on her own if circumstances were different. Am praising God that our children and dau=in-law are believers in the Lord. I pray that they have a heart for God and his work.

  4. This was from the Lord. It was a revelation that came in a single instant and was dashed off in a single draft and transposed to the blog. God wants to both free us from our self-imposed responsibilites and free others to be what Jesus is.

  5. That was a truly inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing it Kevin!