Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hidden Art

The painting in the background of our title was created by my late grandmother, Viola Tomson. She was a gifted artist. I have no doubt our son, Ron inherited her ability to create feelings and moods with pictures.

Grandma lived a tragic childhood, with her mother going into an asylum when grandma was three and her brother only one. When her mother died three years later, grandma's father married a widow with children of her own. It's a Cinderella story. Grandma and her brother were taken to the dump for clothes, often wearing mismatching shoes to school, while the step mother's children were treated with kindness. Grandma was even violated by her step brother when she was only eight.

When she was seventeen and granddad came along with his charming smile, it was a great escape from her painful home life.

Although she only had a sixth grade education, Grandma was very well read, and had a large library. She told me more than once, "These books are like friends to me."

In spite of her painful past, she was one of the most gracious, merciful people I've ever known. She willingly forgave all those who'd ruined her childhood, and kept in contact with them over the years.

When you walked into her well-kept home (I did not inherit her penchant for cleaning!), you could feel the peace of the Lord. She gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, and never talked "ugly" about anyone.

This is one of my favorite paintings of Grandma's. It hangs in my husband's den. The soft hues and peaceful scene remind me of one who looked for and loved the beauty in life. It is a lesson to me that God can overcome any obstacle in our past to paint a lovely now, if we'll only allow Him.


  1. What a sad and yet beautiful story! She must have been a lovely lady to know.

  2. Jeanette, My mother was also this way. I wish I had inherited this trait. Good post.
    Writer's conference was so good. Wish you cold have joined us. I am going to put pictures on kindredheartwriters soon. Keep writing.

  3. Thank you both!
    Wish I could have been there, too! I alternated between being jealous of those who were there, and praying for you to have favor!
    Love, Jen

  4. It is so hard to hear of someone's pain, and yet so beautiful to see what she allowed the Lord to do through her...

  5. Mrs. Rabe:
    I agreee. One of my worst nightmares is hearing about people suffering at the hand of others. And one of my favorite qualities of God's nature is His redeeming love!